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Lead generation is crucial to dealer growth but is challenging to achieve. As more car dealers compete for business online the need for leads continues to grow. The key to success relies on the quality of leads you receive. Our specialty is driving high-quality traffic directly to your website.

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Our Mission

To revolutionize the way that customers, shoppers, and leads are delivered to dealerships. There is no reason for third-party vendors ever to capture customer information. Our goal is to drive as much quality traffic to the dealership website as possible.

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With over 13 years of software development in the automotive industry, Dealer CPC ranks among the top three first generation lead providers in the industry. Dealer CPC uses proprietary software to send consumers directly to your site.

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DEALER CPCIt's not enough to pay for PPC, did you know that your "cost per click" is related to the quality of the PPC campaign?

DEALER PPCOne of the most efficient and cost effective ways to advertise your dealership is through PPC marketing.

DEALER SEMSearch engine marketing has now become the preferred method of advertising for auto dealers nationwide.

DEALER SEOLearn more about our approach to SEO for dealerships.

From Car Guys to Car Guys.

Effective SEO campaigns require significant effort and forethought. When developing an automotive dealer’s online profile it is not only necessary to possess a thorough knowledge of SEO, but also of the auto industry itself. We have evolved in the automotive industry for over 20 years, utilized our experience in refining our PPC program for dealers.

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